Mistresses and better halves clash over caught Chilean miners

Stress are rising above ground as wives and girlfriends of the 33 miners trapped deep within the San Jose mine make rival claims for payment.

Authorities at Camp Hope have actually needed to handle a rush of ladies coming forward claiming to be first in the Chilean miners’ love in order to get government handouts.

At least five better halves have actually been forced to come face to face with mistresses whose presence was kept from them by their partners, who have actually been trapped more than 2,300 feet below considering that a cave in on August 5.

One miner has four women fighting over him in an effort to claim payment used to the households of those facing between three to 4 months underground till a rescue shaft can reach them.

Government officials are thinking about asking the 33 trapped miners to name those they want to declare the benefits entitled to them in a quote to fix issues on the surface.

” There has actually been a great deal of dispute between ladies,” confessed Marta Flores a Red Cross worker at the makeshift camp where loved ones wait for news of their loved ones.
” We had a huge bust up in the canteen camping tent when an other half came across a female who claimed to be her other half’s lover– we had to step in and pull them apart prior to things got physical.” At stake are welfare bundles issued to the families of the trapped miners in addition to future payment claims that could encounter 10s of thousands of pounds.

“Some of the men have kids from various women and all of them have actually shown up here to stake their claim. Some women turned up at the camp to discover that their partners already had a wife and kids who they understood absolutely nothing about.

” Those that genuinely like their guys have actually slipped away silently not wanting to cause any more pain to the households but others are arguing.” Unique welfare officers trained in marital concerns have been generated to offer aid to females confronted with their partner’s adultery.

One miner, who has not been named, has a first other half he never divorced, his live-in partner, a mom of a child he had numerous years ago, and a lady who claims to be his existing sweetheart all going to the camp.

” It’s a logistical headache trying to keep them apart and of course they all want to send out messages,” said Mrs Flores.

The team of psychologists charged with making sure the psychological well-being of the men below ground are attempting keep such developments from the miners.

” We read all the letters before they are sent out down to make certain the miners do not experience any extra anxiety,” said Alberto Iturra, head of the mental group.

One of the trapped miners, Yonni Barrios Rojas, who is using his emergency treatment training to deal with medical problems underground is among those who deals with challenging questions when he lastly makes it the surface area.

His other half, Marta Salinas, 56, discovered he had a mistress when she encountered another female holding a vigil for him. The other woman, Susana Valenzuela, said they satisfied on a training course 5 years ago and he was planning to leave his other half for her.

” He is my spouse. He loves me and I am his dedicated spouse,” firmly insisted Mrs Salinas. “This other woman has no legitimacy.”

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