Other half encounters mistress at mine

One of the trapped Chilean miners is going to have some describing to do after his other half faced his girlfriend at the mine’s entrance.

Britain’s Sun paper reports the better half of Yonni Barrios, Marta Salinas, was shocked and upset to discover his girlfriend Susana Valenzuela likewise performing a vigil for him.
Salinas told the paper: “Barrios is my hubby. He enjoys me and I am his devoted better half. This lady has no legitimacy.”

The Sun reported Valenzuela as stating the 50-year-old miner was going to leave his spouse for her.

“We are in love. I’ll wait on him,” she told the paper.

Barrios has been valuable to authorities in trying to get the miners out, using his first-aid training to deal with ill associates.

They miners were located late last month, more than two weeks after becoming caught in a shaft collapse on August 5.

The paper report comes as Health Minister Jaime Manalich said all 33 miners trapped underground would quickly be able to see and talk with loved ones through a video link.

The morale-boosting innovation will be made possible by lowering a fibre-optic cable television to the men, who were cut off deep down in the San Jose mine by a cave-in more than four weeks back.

“They will be able to have private conversations with their families through a TELEVISION screen,” Manalich told press reporters.

Relative will probably be restricted in what they can say, as is already the case with written notes check out initially by authorities to ensure there are no remarks that might produce false hopes or cause despair.

We asked them not to do that,” Manalich said.

Authorities price quotes are that it will take 3 to 4 months to draw out the men from 700 metres listed below the earth’s surface. They have actually been told salvation is more than two months away, however not provided an exact date.

Manalich firmly insisted, though, “our miners are as solid as rock” and were holding up well, physically and mentally, under their experience.

The mindful mental attention being given to the miners came as the rescue operation to save them hit early problems.

The drill which began today boring down to the men had to be stopped on Thursday to seal over a geological fault that threatened to make the escape shaft unstable.

“We have managed 41 metres so far,” the chief engineer overseeing the rescue operation, Andre Sougarret, informed reporters.

A 2nd drill is on the method to start another shaft as a fallback, in case the initial bore encounters problems.
Sougarret stated the 2nd machine should start work from Sunday, increasing the size of among the three existing supply holes.

The larger shaft would be for sending bigger objects to the trapped miners, however officials state an assessment will be carried out to see whether it could work as an escape tunnel.

A team of NASA experts was at the mine, near the town of Copiapo in northern Chile, to give valuable expertise in keeping men healthy over long periods of isolation.

Already, the group told Chilean officials to be as sincere as possible with the miners about their circumstance, but not to provide any set date for when they will finally see the light of day.

Mimicing day and night was likewise essential, to provide the men a rhythm in their hot, dank subterranean environments, and Chilean officials said NASA was assisting to rig up a lighting system to do that efficiently.

The miners were being fed, hydrated, outfitted and medicated and given kinds of home entertainment – videos and playing cards – to while away the long wait.

Given that Thursday, they were also being fed correct, hot meals of nutritionally well balanced meals, which “was well received by some of the miners”, according to the National Emergencies Office.

Among the 3 fist-sized drill holes dug to them was acting as an intercom avenue, allowing periodic voice conversations with waiting family members.

Some of the men were beginning to show dental problems and 3 had small skin conditions more than likely in response to vaccines they received this week, but in general their health was considered good, the emergency workplace stated.

Work was additionally being carried out to study how to supply the men with electrical energy and much better products of water and air.

While much attention was focused on the men below ground, one authorities on the surface progressively discovering himself in the spotlight was Mining Minister Laurence Golborne.

He has actually engaged warmly with the miners’ households, crying and laughing with them as he spends night and day at the mine.

One household has actually asked him to administer over a spiritual wedding event prepared between one miner and his veteran partner after the rescue is complete.

According to a personal ballot firm, Adimark, Golborne’s public recognition element has shot up 24 points to 91 percent considering that the catastrophe.
“I haven’t seen anybody jump so far, so quickly in thirty years I have actually been doing surveys,” stated Adimark director Roberto Mendez.

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